Monday, December 25, 2006


***Christmas isn't as fun as usual when half of the family is or has recently been sick.

***Most of Christmas dinner doesn't get eaten when the non-sick half of the family is afraid of getting sick--therefore they don't eat much!

***The cat doesn't care that sickness is in the house because, by golly, there is a mountain of wadded-up wrapping paper on the living room floor just waiting to be played with.

***Sick boys are fully capable of assembling 1300-piece Lego sets.

Christmas isn't about the decorations, the food, the tree or even the gifts. It is about collecting memories, good and not-so-good, that we get to unwrap year after year. The funny thing is that in unwrapping the memories they all appear good--largely because they were, although we may have neglected to notice that at the time.

This week we will pack up our Christmas memories until next year and I am confident that we will have a lot to smile about when we revisit this year--our sick-Christmas year!

I hope your holiday was a good one!