Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Its Always Martha, Martha, Martha

OK, I admit it: I love Martha Stewart! No matter what you think of her personally, you can't deny that the gal has style. She has a gift for using color. I don't know if you have ever noticed, but if you look in her magazine you will see that she uses color in almost all of the pictures, even the food pictures; she creates a mood with it.

For Christmas I received some money to use as I please, so I picked out these adorable MS dishtowels. They will not be used in the kitchen, but rather for crafting. I am going to cut them up and make purses and aprons out of them. Who knows if this is what Martha had in mind, but if she can use buttons to make a clock , then I can certainly use dishtowels to make aprons--colorful ones, of course!

Looking for some crafty inspiration? Click here and visit the Pattern Room. (Click on the list just below the little waving girl). Unfortunately, all the directions are in Japanese, but most of the projects are do-able just by looking at the pictures. My favorite is the Laundry Applique Wallhanging.

Also: A ton of inspiration can be found here. Simply click on the picture or Flickr links below each book-cover.