Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Confessions

Although Christmas is my favorite holiday, there are a few things that I must confess!

1. This year I am not sending out Christmas cards or pictures. --collective gasp inserted here--- This in spite of the fact that I have a brand-new camera that would frame our family beautifully, I am sure. I just can't bring myself to gather everyone and try to get a shot where all seven of us look good.

2. We don't let the kids get up to open presents until at least 8:00 in the morning. Never have, never will. My hubby and I NEED our coffee before we can face the rest of the family. What can I say?

3. I hate eggnog.

4. I am already sick of the Christmas music played 24 hours a day on the radio station. Even the 80's station repeatedly subjects me to "Last Christmas" by George Micheal!

5. When I was a kid, I liked to pre-open gifts when my parents weren't around. The most memorable time was when I expected a set of records (old-fashioned CD's) and after carefully opening the gift with possibilities, it turned out to be a photo-album. Believe me when I say that I became an actress on Christmas morning and poured on the thanks. I never peeked after that year!
In spite of all this, I love Christmas: the presents, the decorations, the fun with my family! Honestly, I even like some of the hustle and bustle of Christmas--just as long as "Last Christmas" isn't playing in the background!