Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I have been tagged by Beck to list my favorite--and most despised--Christmas songs. Here goes:

My Five Favorite Christmas Songs:
1. Linus and Lucy
2. O' Holy Night
3. Angels We Have Heard On High
4. Little Drummer Boy
5. I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.
--Growing up in Southern California makes a girl wish for snow at Christmastime! Speaking of White Christmases, here is our forecast through Saturday:


My Five Most Despised Christmas Songs:
1. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire--Nat King Cole
--What on earth is a chestnut and why would you want to roast it?
2. Wonderful Christmastime--Paul McCartney
--What was he thinking when he put together this techno blunder? It must have been about the same time that he put together Ebony and Ivory! Mistakes both!
3. Away In A Manger
--When I get to the "no crib for a bed" part, my chin touches my chest in order to reach a note that low!
4. Santa Baby--Eartha Kitt
--This one just beings questions marks to mind!
5. Almost any pop-rendition of any Christmas song!

If anyone wants to play along, consider yourself tagged!