Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday White Elephant Gifts

A few weeks ago I signed on for a White Elephant Gift Exchange. After waiting for a while a package finally showed up on my doorstep, and let me say it was a good one! Not only did it provide lots of laughs, but it also provided opportunity for a wrestling match with my daughter. And as you may know, anything that provides me an opportunity to duke it out with one of my kids is a blessing indeed.

Upon opening the package, the first discovery was this awesome--AWESOME--Bonjovi t-shirt. Any of my regulars readers knows that I am a die-hard Bonjovi fan. If you ever catch me at one of their concerts, I will be the one with my Bic lighter held high attempting to throw various ariticles of my clothing onto the stage.

The next goodie, the one that caused the brawl, was the 1st season DVD set of 21 Jumpstreet. My daughter, the Johnny Depp fan, brightened as she asked, "Oh, my gosh, is that what I think it is?," "Yes, honey," I replied as I mentioned that I needed to take a picture of the case. "Does it really have the DVD's inside?," she inquired as I clutched a little tighter. After a little more banter and a promise to open the box almost immediately, she released the prize to let me snap the following picture:

We have already enjoyed hours of 21 Jumpstreet goodness!

As you can see, the package was filled with many fabulous goodies including henna tattoos, gel buste (gasp!), a gas company emergency phone number magnet, and a really cool paisley cow. Thanks, Caron! My daughter wants to make sure that you get our name again next year!

I just wanted to provide a close-up of the hairstyles that people actually considered normal in the 80's:

What were we thinking?

As per the rules of the gift exchange, I am providing a peek at the package that I sent to the gal who heads up The Realm of Crazy People:
Knowing that she is a gal who adores her hubby, I suspected that she wanted to keep him lookin' good, and is there a better way to do that than with a pair of black and white polka-dotted Speedo-like swim trunks? I think not!

Have a wonderful Friday!