Saturday, January 06, 2007

I am surprised that no-one called me on my professed Bonjovi-love! I was joking, you know!

A couple of people asked about the fabulous Speedo pattern so I thought I would relay the story to you. We have a wonderful thrift store here in town run by a group of Mennonites. All of the proceeds from the store are used to fund their ministry of parenting the children of mothers who are in prison. The store is always very organized and clean, and they are very careful about the items that they sell. No immodest clothing or rock-and-roll albums grace their shelves. Their fabric and craft area is great because there is always a nice selection of vintage patterns, buttons and fabrics. One day I spotted the Speedo pattern and I just about died. I looked up and saw the polka-dot fabric and I knew that I had to buy it so I could show my hubby--they items only cost $.75 so they were worth the laugh, for sure. But I also knew that the pattern was accidently on the shelves. When I got up to the register I found that one of the younger ladies was working (she was about 22). I hid the pattern behind my back and assured her that I was only buying it as a joke to show my husband and, lucky for me, when she saw it, she cracked up too. She also mentioned that she couldn't believe the pattern was on the shelves!

So, the Speedo pattern was found on the shelves of the Mennonnite thrift store! I wonder what I might find on my next visit!