Tuesday, January 16, 2007

For Kelli

Today's post is for Kelli. Kelli is a wife and a mom of two children. She is a lover of life and, more than that, she is a lover of God. This shows through so profoundly as she works her way through an intensely difficult set of circumstances that God has allowed in her life.

Boomama has put together an opportunity for us to come together and give Kelli a hand. Here is what Boomama says about it on her blog:
"But the fact of the matter is this: Kelli needs a kidney transplant. Desperately. She is currently on daily dialysis, though she can’t continue with it indefinitely. She has made her way through the bulk of the process to become an organ transplant candidate, and on the medical end of things, the prospects look pretty good. She needs a donor, of course, but in terms of her being a suitable candidate, everything looks fine. She’s been poked, prodded, questioned and tested - and she’s passed with flying colors.

Kelli has been on my mind and on my heart a lot lately, mainly because I can’t imagine being the mama of two teenagers and knowing that death is a very real possibility if certain events don’t fall into place."
If you would like to help Kelli financially, please click here. If you would like leave Kelli some words of encoragement, please click here.

Remember that every little bit helps and that God will provide the increase that Kelli needs!