Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Snapshot

I found this Snapshot Meme over at Life In A Nutshell and decided to make this my Friday offering. Here is this morning's snapshot of my life:

Reading: Well, I broke down and purchased a hardback copy of the Thirteenth Tale after I couldn't make it through the first 50 pages of Rise and Shine. Generally I love Ms. Quindlen's writing but this book was a dud, for me anyway. Here's hoping that my new book is a winner!

Music in my Head: "It's All Part of My Rock and Roll Fantasy". Seriously. I heard it yesterday and I can't get it to stop.

Drinking: Lemon Zinger Tea with a spot of honey. Perfect to wake up to.

Wishing: That there was no snow in the forecast this weekend. This is the 6th snow weekend in a row and I am developing an eye-twitch just thinking about it!

Considering: Which Sunday School class to attend on Sunday.

Feeling: Too cozy to get out of bed and actually do something today.

Goals: Make 40 purse and 25 aprons for The Blossom Festival Arts and Crafts Show in the spring.

To do list: Clean the house. Start sewing (see the previous response).

Hours spent in bathtub last night: None. I had a mom's-night-out so who needs the bathtub?

Things accomplished: Two new handbags designs. Figured out how to put "add a cart" buttons in my store. Washed the last 5 weeks of snow off of my car. Successfully made bagels myself.

Hoping: That the weather forecast is wrong!

Have a happy Friday!