Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shiver Me Timbers

As a kid I always wished that I had a big brother. Somehow a big brother meant protection, guidance and not just a little bit of fun.

Aubry, of course, has been blessed with two big brothers who adore her almost as much as they are exasperated by her. They have taught her the joys of Legos, playing army, mudfights and wrestling which consists of the boys laying on the floor while she jumps on them and screams "Hi-ya". They never fight back.

Aubry and the boys spent the good part of a day creating this little pirate ship, complete with gun turrets, crow's nest and a spyglass. All of us landlubbers were cast aside while the they worked and imagined and played.

Without her brothers, Aubry would be relegated to the land of princesses, ballerinas and dolls, which, believe me, we get enough of around here. If anything, they provide some spice for her sweet little life and in the days to come I am hoping for some protection and encouragement for my little gal.

Methinks my littlest matey has spied land: