Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Sweetness

My first job was at Baskin Robbins. That was WAY back when the uniform was dark brown and pink polyester with a matching baseball-type cap. Very cool, for sure!

In my first week of work, I served ice-cream to the little blond girl who starred in the movie Poltergeist. Of course, I acted like I didn't recognize her, but on the inside I thought it was pretty cool to be scooping ice-cream for the kid from such an awesome movie. In case you wondering--which you probably aren't--she ordered orange sherbet like most children do.

One thing about working at Baskin Robbins is that you scoop some really gross ice cream combinations for people. Banana Splits with flavors such as Rainbow Sherbet, Pistachio Nut, and Chocolate-Peanut Butter ice cream, covered with Marshmallow, Hot fudge and Strawberry toppings were not that uncommon. But you are warned on your first day of work to never appear grossed-out by some one's ice-cream choices, so I just scooped and tried not to make any disgusted faces.

Every day I ate a scoop of Daiquiri Ice, which is a good idea if you are trying not to gain any ice-cream pounds. While I still like that flavor, my number-one choice is Pralines and Cream these days; I am almost never fail to get it.

You might be wondering why I am writing down my memories of Baskin Robbins. It is because if you click here you will find a Buy One Get One Free Coupon for one of their ice-cream sundaes. Personally I will be getting a Hot Fudge Sundae with Pralines and Cream and Rocky Road, without nuts, whipped cream or a cherry. Why add all that extra stuff when all you need are the basics!

What will you be getting?

***Many thanks to Chilihead for the link!