Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gradual Changes

In an effort of achieve a healthier lifestyle, we often make drastic changes in our diets and we resort to using only whole wheat, stamping out all sugar, or going completely organic. In a sense, all of these changes can be good, but I find that gradual change that leads to healthier living works the best, in large part because it is not as noticeable as quick, drastic change.

Over the last few months I have done my research and I am convinced that eating organic is the best way to stay healthy and to keep harmful pesticides and hormones out of my family's food. But in reality the cost of purchasing only organic food for my family of seven is a financial strain--and a big one at that! For example, organic chicken costs $6.99 per pound as compared to Safeway's sale price of $1.49 per pound, a price that allows me to buy in bulk.

My compromise in moving towards healthier living has been to increase our fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and to decrease processed foods and sugars, all while buying organic when it is possible. Not only have I avoided complaints about overly healthy foods, but my family is actually complimenting many of the new, vegetable-heavy foods on our table. All of this is added to the benefit of staying within my grocery budget.

Healthy eating and living are always worthwhile goals, but a person can be too enthusiastic and make drastic changes which lead to burn-out and a return to old eating habits. Learning about diet and exercise, and gradually implementing affordable, time-wise ideas into your life can lead to gradual but long-lasting improvement in your family's health.