Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Earlier this evening, after a quick thunderstorm, we were blessed with this amazing rainbow. I don't think the picture does it justice, just believe me when I say that I have never seen anything like it before in my life! I even had a neighbor call on the phone to make sure we weren't missing it. It lasted for about 15 minutes before it started fading away and my hubby had my daughter convinced that there was a little pot of gold at the end of it, right over by Walmart, where the rainbow appeared to meet the ground! He had a hard time convincing her that we didn't need to head to Walmart RIGHT NOW!

Another amazing thing happened tonite: My hubby and I were without kids--all five of them had somewhere to go! So we were free to go get ice cream and walk the riverwalk. We realized that when our kids are grown and gone we will actually be able to afford 31 Flavors on a regular basis. When we have all of our kids with us, we can't get out of there for under $12.00, and that is with everyone getting singles cones! Because I am generally with my kids, or at least a few of them, I am always amazed at how quiet the house is when they are gone. I love the silence for a short period of time, but I miss it after a little while!

My laptop is back home after being gone for a week; it has been in the "shop". I have been looking forward to getting it back because it has all my special links and bookmarks on it, unlike our downstairs computer that takes me forever to use because I have to google everything. Well, I brought it home, turned it on and realized, much to my dismay, that all my links and bookmarks are gone! Gone! I had been looking forward to visiting some of you and now I can't because I don't know where you are! I would be awfully happy if you would leave a little note in my comments so I can bookmark you again!

--You might want to pop over and say "Hi" to Perri who is happily showing off pictures of her new granddaughter! She is an absolute little gem!

Have a lovely day!