Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Gift-Giving Ideas

Having been married for 18 years, I think that I can say with authority that men are difficult to buy gifts for. To begin with, men seem to like expensive gifts such as obscure power tools or $200.00 fly-fishing rods. A handmade sachet or, let's say, a totebag, just doesn't make the cut for a man and since I don't usually have any extra c-notes laying around, this presents a problem. Lucky for me, a really cool catalog made its appearance in my mailbox and I suspect that this Christmas will be hassle-free, at least when it comes to choosing my hubby's gift!

One option is this testosterone-loaded gardening tool. I mean, who else but a man would use a torch to clear ice from the garden, or the sidewalk for that matter? A woman would do it the old-fashioned way and use salt or maybe a snow shovel. How boring is that?

My next choice is this amazing nose-hair clipper. My dear hubby uses a traditional metal one, but this finger-shaped one will certainly revolutionize his AM trimming time. Judging from the expression on the guy's face in the catalog photo, any man would be thrilled to receive this baby:

And since my hubby is always complaining about the price of a haircut these days, this hair-cutting umbrella will be a memorable gift indeed! And besides, it will afford me a fabulous photo of my hubby for my blog! Any man would be proud to be the owner of this:

Perfect presents indeed!
And just for a little Friday fun, check out this video--it cracked me up!

Have a happy Friday!