Monday, October 30, 2006

Real Beauty

Anyone with daughters knows that we live in a difficult time-period when it comes to helping our girls feel good about the body, face and personality that God gave them. We are surrounded with images of perfection, size 0 (zero) Hollywood actresses, and magazine covers that tell us that we can be like that too.

What the magazines fail to say is that most (all?) of their model's pictures are doctored-up; color tones are fixed, imperfections are removed, wrinkles are smoothed, etc. etc., etc. Also missing is that fact that some of the models are teenage girls, in spite of the fact that they are portrayed as adult women. In comparing themselves to these images, our daughters will never measure up, simply because the images are not even real.

Below I have linked two Dove commercials. If you have never seen them, watch! I think it is wonderful that a major company has launched an advertising campaign like this one!

Good stuff!