Thursday, June 30, 2005

A few things.....

You have to admit it-that's funny! I suppose we could add this to the "con" column on the list of reasons not to homeschool: on the last day of school, there is nowhere for the kids to go!!!
Update: Yesterday, Danika's college interview went great. They have the classes for the major she is interested in, the counselor said her test scores and portfolio look great AND the school is only 40 minutes from home! (Mommy likes the last one on the list!) So I guess now we begin the adventure of applying for college and scholarships! Boy, this is a lot of work!
And this:
I found this article at that says this:

The Federal Election Commission says Web logs just might be a threat to democracy and it's considering whether to police them.

Government regulation of blogs....hmmm....what do I think of that? Well, I am darn irritated about it! Actually, I am irritated over government regulation of a lot of things; that's just the type of gal that I am!

Personally, I feel that whenever the government steps in, it has a tendency to create waste and inefficiency and I am sure that the "Blog Regulation Commission" would be no different. This makes me want to go all political with my blog, even though I don't know very much about all of that, it is just the rebel in me!

In my opinion, blogs are a democratic medium BECAUSE of the freedom to say what you want to the world. I am free to say what I want here and so are you. Let's keep it that way!