Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A new step on our journey

This morning I am taking my oldest daughter to a college interview. We have lots of questions at this point, and few answers. Hopefully, a college will see her as a good candidate for a scholarship.

I just can't believe that we are at this point so quickly. Her leaving our home has always seemed so far in the future; now it is a little over 12 months away! I have always known that the ultimate goal of parenting is to train kids towards independence, I just forgot to train myself for this! I don't know if there are lessons to prepare my heart for this new step.

So, off we go, hopeful because she is a great student and she will have no trouble getting into a college and even finding some money to do it. But me? I am not ready for this. This step on our journey has arrived way to soon, I am not prepared!